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Taj Mahaltours

Taj MahaltoursTaj Mahal has recently been included in the The New Seven Wonders of the World and India celebrates!

You can book atour of Taj Mahal and experience the legendary tale of love shared by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan and his beloved, Mumtaz Mahal. The intricate design, the mesmerizing ambiance and the profound beauty of the monument will make your Taj Mahaltour an unforgettable event.

Having been re-included amongst the New Seven Wonders, Taj Mahaltours have become one of the most popular Indiantour packages amongsttourists worldwide. Plan yourtour to Taj Mahal and take a glimpse into the world of ancient love.

The Taj Mahal, was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, in the memory of his beloved, Mumtaz Mahal, and is the finest example of Mughal architecture in India. It is a perfect symbol of eternal love. The Taj Mahal in Agra, India, is a true expression of architectural skills and a one of the most beautiful romantic destinations in the world.

Taj Mahaltour Packages

Plan for yourself a Taj Mahaltour and discover the most beuautiful monument of India in its full glory! Our Taj Mahaltour packages are designed to take you back in time and unveil the mystery that has vowed the whole world!

Best time to visit for a Taj Mahaltour

A Taj Mahaltour maybe planned for any season except the summer months so as to avoid extreme hot and humid conditions. One must keep in mind the climatic conditions of the city of Agra which is extreme and tropical. Summers are very hot with the maximum temperature soaring upto 45 degree Celsius, while winters remain cold and foggy. Heavy rains and high humidity mark the monsoon season.

The Taj Mahal offers a treat to thetourists with its different perspectives during different times of the day. The colors of Taj Mahal appear to change with the hours of the day and during different seasons. The Taj appears pink in color during the early morning hours, milky white in the evening and shimmers like gold when the moon shines. Like a jewel, the Taj sparkles in moonlight when the semi-precious stones inlaid into the white marble on the main mausoleum catch the glow of the moon.

Accommodation in Agra, India

Accommodation in Agra, IndiaThere are a number of luxury hotels and budget hotels in Agra to suit the preferences of the most discerning of travelers. These hotels in Agra include - Jaypee Palace, Mughal Sheraton, Park Plaza, Taj View, Holiday Inn, Mansingh Palace, Pushp Villa, Yamuna View, Amar, Atithi, Ganga Ratan, Grand Hotel.

History of Taj Mahal

From across the waters of the Yamuna river, the Taj, appears like an illusion. It shimmers gently in the sunlight with its majestic dome soaring in the blue sky shrouded by mist.

From here you can’t really appreciate the exquisite design of Taj Mahal or the beautiful calligraphy that has vowed many a visitor or the breathtaking inlay work that makes the tombstones shimmer like bejeweled caskets.

To truly experience the romance of the Taj, you must look at it from the majestic red sandstone Agra Fort, as must have an old, grief stricken Shah Jahan must have seen during the last days of his life.

The elegantly pillared double story octagonal Mussamman Burj is the place where Shah Jahan is believed to have been held captive by his son Aurangzeb for seven long years. This is the place where he sat for hours gazing longingly at the beautiful Taj Mahal across the Yamuna that reminded him of his beloved wife.

As the legend goes, Shah Jahan ruled for over 30 years, inheriting one of the richest empires of the world. But his happiness was short lived because in the fourth year of his rule, his wife Mumtaz Mahal, whom he deeply loved, died leaving him shattered. It is said that after two years of mourning, Shah Jahan initiate with the building of the Taj Mahal, one of the world's Seven Wonders out of sheer love and her memory.

It is believed that 20,000 workers - labourers, carpenters, artists and engineers worked ceaselessly for 22 years to build the Taj Mahal. Mumtaz Mahal's remains were shifted from its earlier tomb in a garden by the river to their final resting place in the Taj. Shah Jahan was also buried beside his wife in the same chamber when he died.

The Taj Mahal in Agra, India, is a mesmerizing sight. This beautiful marble structure is considered to be aesthetically perfect in its design. Seeing the Taj Mahal by moonlight is truly an unforgettable sight. The enchantingly beautiful Taj Mahal, a symbol of love, has to be seen at least once in your lifetime, preferably with your loved one.

Atour to India will never be complete without a visit to Agra in India to see the Taj Mahal, an architectural marvel created with white marbles to celebrate the most revered of emotions - true love.

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Madhya Pradesh Wildlifetour

9 Nights / 10 Days

Day : 01 Arrive Delhi
Madhya Pradesh WildlifetourPM:- Welcome on arrival and then transfer to hotel

Day : 02 Delhi
AM:- After breakfast leave for half day sightseeing including- Qutub Minar and India Gate

PM:- Delhi - Satna (by overnight train) Assistance in railway transfer on board your train to Satna- the road to reach Panna (diamond city of India)

Day : 03 Satna - Panna (90 kilometers; 2 hours drive)
AM:- Upon arrival Satna proceed to Panna, check in hotel and have refreshment. After having breakfast leave for full day visit to Panna National Park to witness tiger and other wild animals. You will have your packed lunch in the middle of the day and then again move out for tiger trail.

PM:- Back to hotel and have bonfire within hotel campus; overnight stay at hotel

Day : 04 Panna
AM:- After breakfast leave for daylong jungle safari to Panna National Park like previous day

PM:- Back to hotel and overnight stay

Day : 05 Panna - Bandhavgarh (260 kilometers; 6 hours drive)
AM:- After breakfast proceed to Bandhavgarh.

PM:- Upon arrival check in hotel. Later leave for nature walk in the surrounding. Overnight stay at hotel

Day 06 : Bandhavagarh
AM:- After breakfast leave for the day to National Park and have tiger trail there; opportunity to witness plenty of wild animals. In the middle of the day have your packed lunch and then continue jungle safari.

PM:- Back to hotel and overnight stay

Day : 07 Bandhavgarh - Kanha (265 kilometers; 6 hours drive)
AM:-After breakfast proceed to Kanha.

PM:- Upon arrival check in hotel; later leave for jungle safari to witness wild animals in the wide spread of National Park. Overnight stay at hotel

Day : 08 Kanha

AM:-After breakfast move out to forest area of Kanha to witness again the tranquil environment of the wild animals; have your packed lunch and then continue the same till evening.

PM:- Enjoy tribal folk dances around the bonfire in hotel; overnight stay

Day : 09 Kanha - Jabalpur (165 kilometers; 4 hours drive)

Madhya Pradesh WildlifetourAM:- After breakfast proceed to Jabalpur.

PM:- Jabalpur - Delhi (by overnight train) Upon arrival straightway transfer to railway station on board your train to Delhi.

Day : 10 Delhi

AM:- Transfer to hotel after arrival and then have refreshment; later leave for half-day visit to Humayun’s Tomb, India Gate, outside glimpse of President’s House & Parliament

PM:- Delhi departure Assistance in airport transfer on board your flight to onward journey. Henceforth our services conclude and we wish a very safe and happy journey back home

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Cultural and Wildlifetour - I

18 Nights / 17 Days

Day : 01 Arrive Delhi

Cultural and Wildlifetour - IAM:-Welcome on arrival and then transfer to hotel

Day : 02 Delhi

AM:-After breakfast leave for full day visit including Qutub Minar- the 72-meters high minaret is one among ancient wonders; visit Indian parliamentary house and President’s house from outside- that reflects the aura of Indo-British architecture; India Gate- the triumph arch built in the memory of died soldiers in World War II and then finally you will finish your visit with a glimpse to Humayun’s Tomb- that reflects the beautiful Indo-Islamic architecture.Delhi - Indore (by overnight train)

PM:-Assistance in railway transfer on board your overnight train to Indore

Day : 03 Mumbai - Indore (by flight: 1 hour 15 minutes)

AM:-Assistance in airport transfer on board your flight to Indore; check in hotel after arrival and have breakfast. Later leave for sightseeing of this bustling and vibrant city that once belonged to brave Holkar dynasty queen- Ahilyabai. Opportunity to visit monuments like: Rajwada or Old Palace- a 200-year old building which reflects perfect combination of French, Mughal and Maratha architecture; Lalbagh Palace- that was used for holding important functions and celebrations in ancient Holkar dynasty (Monday Closed); Kanch Mandir (Mirror Temple)- also known as Seth Hukamchand Temple has painted walls, ceilings, floor, pillars and doors all inlaid with glass depicting stories from Jain scriptures; Chattri Bagh (palace of memorial canopy)- located near Khan River, it is characterised by number of chhatris (memorial canopies) dedicated to Holkar rulers and their family members; Bada Ganapati- famous for housing the largest Ganapati (Lord Ganesh) statue in the world.

PM:-Stay overnight at hotel in Indore

Day : 04 Indore - Mandu (98 kilometers; 2 hours drive)

AM:-After breakfast proceed to Mandu- known as City of Joy; en-route visit Dhar- an ancient city. Check-in hotel in the hills of Malwa region and visit monuments such as: Jama Masjid (mosque)- huge dome and minaret built inspired by mosque in Damascus; Hoshang Shah’s Tomb- best example of Afghan architecture in India and probably the first marble edifice; Ashrafi Mahal (palace of gold)- built as a Madrassa (place for Islamic teaching) even today the rooms and cells here tell a story of teaching and studying; Jahaz Mahal (ship palace)- built to maintain large Harem (place where the ladies of rulers lived), this palace is in shape of a ship; Hindola Mahal (Swinging palace)- due to the slopes of the walls this meeting hall seems to be swinging; Champa Baoli- an interesting step-well that was popular hot weather retreat and featured cool wells and bathrooms; Taveli Mahal- houses an antiquity gallery; Baz Bahadur’s Palace- spacious courtyard surrounded by halls and high terraces with an excellent view of countryside make this palace beautiful; Roopmati’s Pavilion- perfect setting for fairytale romance, also gives a good view of river Narmada flowing through the Nimar plains. Watching the sunset from these pavilions gives maximum pleasure.

PM:-Stay overnight at hotel in Mandu

Day : 05 Mandu - Ujjain (139 kilometers; 2-3 hours drive)

AM:-After breakfast proceed to Ujjain and check-in hotel after arrival. Later leave for sightseeing including few of the places such as: Mahakaleshwara Temple- this Lord Shiva temple with lingam, which is one of the 12-Jyotirlingas (believed to be formed by own organs of Lord Shiva) in India; Bade Ganeshji Ka Mandir- has a beautiful sculpted image of Lord Ganesh, also provides opportunity learn Sanskrit language and astrology; Harsiddhi Temple- reconstructed during Maratha period its special features of Maratha architecture can still be seen on the walls and pillars; Navagraha Mandir- dedicated to 9-ruling planets (navagraha meaning 9-planets), it is located on the Triveni Ghat of the Shipra River.

PM:-Experience the spectacular ritual ceremonies at the riverbanks of Shipra. Stay overnight at hotel in Ujjain

Day : 06 Ujjain - Bhopal (188 kilometers; 4 hours drive)

AM:-After breakfast proceed to Bhopal en-route visiting Bhojpur (28 kilometers South-eats of Bhopal) where the dream of King Bhoj were carved and also witness the shelters of the prehistoric cave dwellers at Bhimbetka- the famous rock-shelters of monolithic age (located 45 kilometers South of Bhopal).The visit to these two places can be done after reaching Bhopal also.

PM:-Check in hotel and relax; later opportunity for boat ride in Bhopal Lake. Stay overnight at hotel

Day : 07 Bhopal - Sanchi - Bhopal (68 kilometers; 1 ½ hours drive one way)

AM:-After breakfast leave for day excursion to Sanchi and witness the masterpieces of Buddhist Art that speaks the story of Emperor Ashoka becoming follower of Buddhism; also visit the museum near by. Later back to Bhopal and have opportunity to visit few of monuments like: Taj ul Masjid- the ‘crown of mosques’, an imposing mosque reputed to be one of the largest in India; The ‘chowk” (square)- is the nerve centre of this old walled city; Shaukat Mahal- a quaint palace mix of European architectural styles, but yet compatible in an area dominated by Islamic architecture; The Jami Masjid and the Moti Masjid- inspired by Delhi’s famous Jama Masjid that was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, are important mosques in the city; Bharat Bhavan- a unique institute devoted to the preservation of performing arts and traditional folk culture.Bhopal - Delhi (by overnight train)

PM:-Assistance in railway transfer on board your overnight train to Delhi

Day : 08 Bhopal - Panchmarhi 200 kilometers; 5 hours drive

AM:-After breakfast proceed to Panchmarhi.Panchmarhi is a hill station situated amidst the Satpura range of hills at a height of 3550 ft from sea level. It is the only hill station in entire state of Madhya Pradesh and is also known as the Queen of Satpura for its spectacular beauty. Low-lying rugged hills, ravines, beautiful forests, 12-breathtaking waterfalls, serene pools and quiet glades surround this place.

PM:-Upon arrival Panchmarhi check in hotel; later trek to Jata Shankar cave near by. Its name is derived from a rock formation resembling the matted locks of Lord Shiva. The cool waters of Jambu Dwip stream take its source from this cave. Overnight stay at hotel

Day : 09 Panchmarhi

AM:-After breakfast leave for full day visit to few of places like: Bee fall (3-kilometers from town)- now known as Jamuna Prapat it is a spectacular fall in the stream, which provides drinking water to Pachmarhi, there is ½ kilometer pathway down to the fall where one has to walk only; Priyadarshini Point- 10-kilometers away from town it was earlier known as Forsyth point (Captain James Forsyth of the Bengal Lancers who discovered the valley in 1857 from this point). The view from this point is spectacular especially at sunset, when the 3-dominating peaks; Chauradeo to the left, Mahadeo in the centre and Dhupgarh, the highest point in the Satpura ranges to the right; appear glowing red and fiery in the setting sun against the purple background of the sky

PM:-Back to hotel and overnight stay

Day : 10 Panchmarhi - Kanha (280 kilometers; 7 hours drive)

AM:-After breakfast proceed to Kanha.

PM:-Check in hotel and stay overnight

Day : 11 Kanha

AM:-After breakfast leave for full day visit to Kanha National Park; opportunity for jeep safari. Have packed meals at lunchtime and then continue jungle visit.

PM:-Back to hotel, enjoy tribal folk dances around bonfire and stay overnight

Day : 12 Kanha - Jabalpur (165 kilometers; 4 hours drive)

AM:-After breakfast proceed to Jabalpur- the Marble City, check-in hotel and rest.

PM:-Leave for an excursion trip to Bedhaghat and enjoy romantic boat ride on river Narmada. Stay overnight at hotel in Jabalpur

Day : 13 Jabalpur - Bandhavgarh (200 kilometers; 5 hours drive)

AM:-After breakfast proceed to Bandhavgarh, check-in hotel and have refreshment

PM:-Opportunity for nature walk; stay overnight at hotel in Bandhavgarh

Day : 14 Bandhavgarh

AM:-After breakfast visit to Bandhavgarh National Park; opportunity for ride on elephant’s back and enjoy bird watching, Tiger trail and other wild animals in their natural habitats.

PM:-Overnight stay at hotel

Day : 15 Bandhavgarh - Khajuraho (240 kilometers; 6 hours drive)

AM:-After breakfast proceed to Khajuraho

PM:-Check-in your hotel in Khajuraho. Later leave for temple visit.In Khajuraho the main attractions are the temples having rock-cut figures depicting the various erotic forms in attractive styles. The 3 important groups of temples are EASTERN GROUP (Parsavanatha, Ghantai & Adinatha temple), SOUTHERN GROUP (Duladeo & Chaturbhuj temple) and WESTERN GROUP (Kandariya Mahadeo, Chaunsat Yogini, Chitragupta, Vishwanath, Lakshama & Matangeshwara Temple). Back to hotel at night and stay overnight

Day : 16 Khajuraho - Orchha (180 kilometers; 4-5 hours drive)

Cultural and Wildlifetour - IAM:-After breakfast proceed to Orchha; check in hotel and rest

PM:-Leave for sight seeing including visit to monuments like: Jehangir Mahal- worth to see delicate chhatris (cenotaphs) and trellis work; Raj Mahal- is crowned by chhatris that give way to interiors with exquisite murals, boldly colourful on a variety of religious themes; Rai Parveen Mahal- has a low, two-storied brick structure, beautiful landscaped gardens with its octagonal flower beds and elaborate water supply system; Chaturbhuj Temple- built upon a massive stone platform and reached by a steep flight of steps, the temple was specially constructed to enshrine the image of Lord Rama; Laxminarayan Temple- contains interiors of most exquisite Orchha wall paintings; Phool Bagh- laid out as a formal garden, this complex testifies the refined aesthetic qualities of the Bundelas; Sunder Mahal- this small palace, almost in ruins today is still a place of pilgrimage for Muslims; Chhatris- there are 14-Chhatris or Memorials to the rulers of Orchha, grouped along the Kanchan Ghat of the river Betwa. Stay overnight at hotel in Orchha

Day : 17 Orchha - Shivpuri (110 kilometers; 3 hours drive)

AM:-After breakfast leave for half-day visit of Orchha and then proceed to Shivpuri; on arrival leave for a small citytour.Shivpuri - Gwalior (112 kilometers; 3 hours drive)

PM:-Later proceed to Gwalior; check in hotel and stay overnight

Day : 18 Gwalior

AM:-After breakfast visit Royal city of Gwalior half day including huge Fort of Gwalior- the largest fort in India; also visit splendid Palace of Maharaja- that belongs to Royal Schindhia family. Later explore the busy markets of old Gwalior.Gwalior - Delhi (by train: 5 hours)

PM:-Assistance in railway transfer on board your train to Delhi; upon arrival again assistance in airport transfer on board your flight to onward destination. Henceforth our services conclude and we wish a very safe, happy and memorable journey back home

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